Stay Connected with Us - Here's How!


Hello Beautiful!

We're overjoyed to have you in our circle, soaking in the goodness of MariaMobilBeauty. If you've already subscribed to our emails (you're a rockstar!), let's make sure you don't miss a single drop of the goodness we're sending your way.

Here's a quick and simple guide to make sure our emails cozy up right in your inbox:

For Gmail Darlings:

Gmail whitelist example

Gmail safe sender email example

Gmail for iOS primary email example

  • Open up your Gmail universe.
  • Glide over to the 'Promotions' and 'Updates' tabs.
  • Keep an eagle eye out for our email, sent with love by me, Maria Mobil.
  • Swiftly drag and drop that precious gem into your 'Primary' tab.
  • When asked if you want future emails there, just give a big, happy nod and click 'Yes'.

For Apple Mail Aficionados:

Apple Mail 6

apple mail whitelist example

  • Open your Apple Mail haven.
  • Glide towards the 'Mailboxes' in the tippy-top corner.
  • Pick the '@' symbol or 'All Inboxes' - the whole shebang!
  • Grab our email and give it a VIP escort by dragging it to the 'VIP' mailbox.

For the Outlook Enthusiasts:

Outlook whitelist / safe sender example

Yahoo email whitelist example

  • Swing open your Outlook world.
  • Right-click our email, give it a friendly nod.
  • Hover over 'Move', and glide into 'Always Move Messages in This Conversation'.
  • A box will pop like confetti - pick 'Inbox' and click 'OK'.

For Yahoo Mail Sweethearts:

Yahoo! Mail

  • Pop open your Yahoo Mail treasure chest.
  • Choose our email, sprinkle a little digital magic by clicking 'Move'.
  • Give it the best seat in the house - your 'Inbox'!

With these breezy steps, you're in for a treat. Our emails will waltz right into your main inbox, making sure you never miss out on a thing.

If you ever hit a bump on this digital dance floor, just give us a shout. We're here to make sure you're in the front row for all the magic!

Sending you all the love and good vibes,

Maria Mobil 🌸

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